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When you are looking to Hire a DJ for the first time, you may have some  questions.  Please see some of the questions our client have asked us over the years  and hopefully find what you’re looking for. If not, feel free to send us your question.

Covid 19 update All Refunds are 100% refundable 24 hours before your event so you DON’T have to worry.

  1. Do I need to create a playlist using your Online Song Selector ? No it’s totally optional, you can leave it up to the professionals – we read the crowd and take requests.
  2. How many songs should I choose if I decide to use the Online Song Selector ? You can choose as many as you like. If you choose too many, we will make sure the best ones get played.
  3. How long does it take the DJ to setup ? It normally takes only 30 mins but we like to allow an hour so there is no rush and we can do a sound check.
  4. What if we need you for extra time on the night ? That’s fine, we can play after 12am and the cost is $100+gst per hour.
  5. How many hours do you play for ? The packages we offer are normally from 8pm until midnight and that includes us setting up at 7pm however we can play for more hours before or after at a fee of $75+gst per hour. (100+gst per hour after midnight)
  6. Can you set up the sound and lighting equipment earlier in the day then come back and start the music at 8pm ? Yes there is an early setup fee of $100 (depending on location) some venues and clients prefer this option.
  7. Can we plug our ipod into your system.? Yes sure no problem please advise us first.
  8. Can we bring some of our own music for the DJ to play on the night. ? Yes sure you can bring CD’s or USB stick with mp3 sound files on is fine.
  9. The venue already has there own soundsytem can you plug you turntables and mixer into theirs ? Yes we can but we need to contact the venue to make sure they have the correct connections and cabling. 
  10. What is  Martin Mania Lights.? We have lots of lights to choose from and a Martin Mania is a type of special effects lights.
  11. How much is the deposit to confirm my booking?  $280 – $380 deposit depending on your package. 
  12. When do I need to pay the balance ? Your welcome to pay the balance any day before your event.
  13. What if I cancel ? Cancellations need to be in writing or phone call 24 hours before the event to be eligible for refund.
  14. What happens if your equipment gets damaged? Any damage to equipment caused from any party goer will be held responsible to replace or pay for any lost or damage equipment.
  15. Can we meet our DJ before the event? Package 3 comes with a free music consultation other wise a $50 fee can be arrange to meet with your DJ.
  16. Why should we book Kiwi DJs instead of another DJ Company? DJ-Marrs is NZ’a leading DJ Company with over 16 years experience. We treat each function very individually and we are happy to assist clients with their music selection. DJ hire is such an important aspect of the evening as a good DJ and music is critical to a successful wedding, party or function. Our DJ equipment is the best available for a mobile situation and our DJs have a real passion for what they do. We select an age appropriate DJ for each event. Not only do our testimonials speak for themselves but we have more than any other Dj Entertainer.

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